Maggs X

She/Her or They/Them

I am queer and gender fluid and I am a comparative biology Phd candidate.//

My name is Maggs X. I’m a queer, gender fluid PhD candidate studying evolutionary biology at the American Museum of Natural History. I have always been intrigued by the microscopic details that make organisms function. I’m drawn to the genetic processes that underpin complex observable traits, like whether an organism is capable of hibernation or not, or whether they give birth to live young or lay eggs. This later example is exactly what I study, the genomic variation that has influenced the evolution of live-birth and egg-laying. I do this by sequencing whole genomes of pit vipers, an awesome group of highly venomous snakes, some of which lay eggs and others that give birth to live young. STEM is a challenging field for queer folks. The vast majority of my colleagues are straight, white and cis-gender. I see clusters of people who are eager to have inclusive conversations and others that whole-heartedly reject the notion of Safe Spaces. My continual goal is to foster safe spaces in my intellectual communities and unapologetically express my queer-ass-self! Thank you 500queerscientists! You are an awesome resource and I hope to meet some of the lovely humans who have contributed to this website.