Madeline Friend


I’m queer and I’m a graduate student in fluvial geomorphology. //

I’m an MS student in the Center for Colorado River Studies at Utah State University, researching fine sediment remobilization in Lake Powell, the second-largest reservoir in the United States. I completed a BS in Environmental Science & Biology from Northern Arizona University in 2014, researching both cheatgrass propagation on mixed-use public lands and environmental education in local classrooms. After working seasonally as a professional river guide in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon, I became undeniably fascinated with fluvial forms and processes and decided to pursue a graduate degree to conduct robust science that contributes to the sustainable management of the Colorado River. My research interests include fluvial and sediment transport processes, reservoir management, remote sensing, merging science and art, and cohesively communicating science and policy.

Instagram: @madelinelouisefriend