Ludo Desvignes


I’m gay and I’m an assistant professor in infectious diseases. //

I’ve had quite an arc, from a PhD in oceanology to a postdoc on HIV vaccine in France and, for 15 years now, doing research on tuberculosis at New York University (scientific careers do not always follow straight lines—pun intended). I also direct High-Containment Labs, and a program in immunology for medical students (I like challenges). I see my role as a scientist as a whole, from basic research to lab operations, mentoring, and education. I am a scientist and a gay man—two things that seemingly have nothing to do with each other and yet, when combined, define me pretty well. As a scientist, I’m wired to constantly weigh perception vs facts. That has helped me to make sense of personal hardships facing homophobia, and it allows me today to fight for my peers and the LGBTQ+ community, particularly in healthcare. As a gay man, I have grown to embrace expanded and alternate views and, at 44, I am still growing!