I am queer and I am a systematic entomologist.//


I’ve had an affinity for insects since I was very young. My older sister would often take me on trips to go catch amphibians, and it was through these trips that I became interested in the world of arthropods. Through field guides I learned there was a word for people who to study insects. And from there I knew what my passion in life was.

This passion has taken me to Cornell University, where I am a technician at the Cornell University Insect Collection. I currently study Central and South American micromoths in family Tortricidae. I have an interest in many taxa, and have a personal insect collection myself (~2000 specimens and growing!). I am interested in graduate school, and am always looking for opportunity to be involved in my passion.

I struggled a lot with my identity growing up, and it wasn’t until late in my undergrad that I found resources to help me understand who I am. I aim to contribute, be involved, and add to resources that can help others in their struggle.