Lily Forest


I am queer and I am a technical editor.//


I’m a technical editor for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. The laboratory is a Superfund site, meaning it needs long-term environmental remediation due to decades-old pollution. I work in the Environmental Restoration Department where I edit regulatory documents and informational publications. I love being a communicator and want to continue working at the intersection of hard science and social science. In the next few years, I’d like to go back to grad school to dive deeper into environmental conservation and social justice (my bachelor’s degree is from the University of California, Santa Cruz where I studied Environmental Studies and Law). When I’m not editing, I’m involved with my work’s STEM outreach and the Pride group.

I came out 13 years ago and have felt attached to different letters in the LGBTQ+ alphabet at different times. Currently the Q describes me best. I live in Oakland, CA with my tattooer partner and our two black cats.