Lee G


I am a lesbian and I am a research assistant. //

Hi! I am a lesbian and a research assistant hoping to go into science/medicine. I studied psychobiology at UCLA and have been working in a neuroendocrinology research lab there for the past year. I will be starting a biotechnology master’s program at Georgetown in the fall, and I hope to eventually go to medical school. I was hesitant to share my story here because it’s really just beginning (I’m not quite established yet!) but I mainly wanted to say that I am so excited for this campaign! I feel like most of the more visible queer public figures are working in creative industries as singers, actors, or YouTubers, which is great—we’ve come a long way as a community—but I’ve always been on the lookout for queer role models in the sciences to look up to as well. Now, I’ve stumbled across a whole SITE dedicated to queer scientists, and I couldn’t be more excited or inspired! So thank you!