Laura Tully


I am bisexual queer and I am a clinical psychologist & cognitive neuroscientist.//

I am a cis bi woman, clinical psychologist, and faculty (assistant professor at time of writing) in the psychiatry department at UC Davis. My clinical speciality is in the treatment of adolescents and young adults experiencing psychosis and as the Director of Clinical Training at the UC Davis Early Psychosis Programs I get to contribute to the development of the next generation of evidence based practitioners in mental health. My research specialty is understanding how our brains process and regulate emotions, particularly in social situations, and how these processes might be disrupted in psychosis, the long-term goal being the identification of treatment targets. I started coming out as queer in my personal life when I was fairly young but only recently came out in the professional sphere and I’m still learning how to navigate my the intersection of my professional and my queer identity. Identifying peers and mentors that are also part of the queer community at my institution has been an important factor in my professional happiness; I want to be visible to other queer scientists at my institution and beyond so that we can continue to reduce stigma and increase visibility.

Twitter: @tully_laura; Instagram: @drlmtully; my (queer) dog's Instagram: @tigstagramm