Kelly Ruggles


I am bi and I am a computational biologist.//

My STEM journey started in undergrad where I majored in Biological Engineering at Cornell. From there I decided that I wanted to pursue research projects with more of a cell biology focus and went on to get a PhD in Nutritional and Molecular Biology from Columbia University. After 5 years of lab work, I missed the mathematics of my undergrad and chose to do a postdoctoral fellowship in a computational biology lab and have never turned back. I now run a research group at NYU School of Medicine which focuses on the development and application of multi-omics data integration methods to study a variety of human diseases. I also serve as the Director for Academic Programs for the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences which allows me to be deeply involved in graduate education and advising (which I love!). I am very passionate about making graduate school a place where all students can thrive both scientifically and personally.