Katherine Roger


I am a lesbian and I am an ecologist.//


I do interdisciplinary science at the intersection of (agro)ecology, geography, and settler colonial studies. I’m currently working on an Honor’s thesis project at UC Berkeley tracking the impacts of invasive plant species on tripartite trophic networks of arthropods and their microbiota in Point Reyes, CA.

My research interests are 1) human food networks and fostering adaptive/resilient agroecosystems, 2) invasion ecology and the legacies of settler colonialism, and 3) sustainable land and water use (and design). In particular, I’m interested in pollinator networks within mixed-land use settings, including former (and current) agricultural landscapes and urban centers.

As a queer/lesbian scientist, my work is informed by intellectual curiosity but more importantly by a drive toward justice. Being queer and chronically ill are both huge parts of my identity as a researcher and deeply shape the way I think about interspecies relationships with our more-than-human kin.