Julien Ferent


I am gay and I am a neurodevelopmentalist.//


Hello, I’m from Paris. I obtained my PhD in Neuroscience in 2013 and worked for 6 years as a postdoc in Montréal, studying neurodevelopment. Since the beginning of my scientific training, I have always been fascinated by the organization of the nervous system. In 2021, I started my independent group at the Institut du Fer-à-Moulin in Paris. In the team, we study the morphogenic control of brain and spinal cord development during embryogenesis. Outside the lab, I enjoy cooking for my friends, gardening in the countryside on weekends, and enjoying the city of Paris during the week.

Navigating a scientific career as a gay man is challenging due to heteronormative attitudes. Concealment of identity, fear of discrimination, and systemic bias hinder engagement and advancement. Despite obstacles, resilience shines as LGBTQ+ scientists contribute while advocating for inclusivity and acceptance, fostering a more equitable scientific community.