Jost Migenda

They/Them or He/Him

I am queer and I am an astroparticle physics PhD student. //

I grew up in Germany and have moved to the UK for my PhD. (My partner still lives in Germany, though.) In my free time I like reading, swimming, listening to music, and doing physics outreach. My research is about figuring out how large stars (supernovae) explode. To do this, I work on two next-generation experiments (Hyper-Kamiokande in Japan and DUNE in the US) for detecting “neutrinos”—ghost-like particles that can escape from the center of an exploding star and give us a detailed picture of what’s going on inside. Both experiments are currently being designed and it will take 6–8 years to build them, so I mostly write code to simulate neutrino interactions in the detector and to figure out what neutrinos can tell us about the details of the explosion.