Jost Migenda


I am queer and I am a postdoc in astroparticle physics.//


I grew up in Germany and have moved to the UK in 2015 for my PhD; since 2020 I’m a postdoctoral researcher in London. (My partner still lives in Germany, though.) In my free time I like reading, swimming, listening to podcasts and doing physics outreach. My research is about figuring out how large stars (at least eight times the mass of our Sun) explode. To do this, I work on an experiment called “Hyper-Kamiokande” in Japan, which detects “neutrinos”—subatomic particles that interact so rarely that they can escape from the center of an exploding star and give us a detailed picture of what’s going on inside.

Building the detector will take until 2027, so I currently work with computer simulations of neutrino interactions in the detector to figure out what neutrinos can tell us about the details of the explosion.