Joseph Unsay


I’m gay and I’m an editor at a scientific journal. //

I studied Chemistry for my BSc. and MSc. Traveling more than 10,000 km led me from the Philippines to Germany, and from chemistry to biophysics. Working initially at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, I later moved with my supervisor, Ana Garcia-Saez, to the University of Tübingen. My research involved studying the interaction of membranes and membrane proteins using advanced microscopy techniques. I mostly worked with the Bcl-2 family proteins that regulate apoptosis. After finishing my PhD, I went on to become an (Assistant/Associate) Editor at Wiley-VCH for Chemistry – A European Journal and ChemistrySelect. Outside of science, I am passionate about singing and music in general. I also dabbled in a little bit of writing and blogging, science communication, and teaching. One day, I hope to write a musical!