Joe Mihaljevic


I am gay and I am an assistant professor of disease ecology & epidemiology. //

I’m an ecologist, computational biologist, and epidemiological modeler. My research involves developing approaches that combine data and models to better understand the drivers of infectious disease spread. I also have a loving husband, who I’ve been with for 7 years. Although I’ve had a lot of privilege in my life and career, being queer in the sciences is not always easy. People can be quick to judge, and it’s often up to the queer person to change minds. Still, being in academia has been a shelter, and I wouldn’t want any other life right now. I encourage young queer scientists to stick with it, find a mentor, if you can, and make your own way. When not working, I love to get outside, bike, jog, hike, ski. Flagstaff is beautiful, and I’m very lucky to be here.