Jo Holo


I am queer and I am an oceanographer and paleoclimatologist.//

Climate research and education are crucial in today’s society, especially given the huge effect humans have on Earth’s climate. Gaining more knowledge about climate change as a whole and particularly the link between the past and present will have potential for many broader societal impacts. Expanding our knowledge will enable us to further educate the public about global climate change and inspire others to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Coupled with the work of other climate scientists, this research will also bolster efforts to create effective, alternative energy sources. This holistic view of the field is incredibly important for collaboration and interdisciplinary work. Further, I am especially interested in working to increase women in STEM fields, and in particular, in climate science. While I was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago I was involved in the campus organization for women in science. Through this group, I was given the opportunity to mentor a female high schooler with interest in pursuing a career in environmental chemistry. I have also been involved in the organization at UCSC for women in science as well as the Monterey Bay Society of Women in Marine Science.

Twitter: @geojoholo; Instagram: @jo_holo