Jiwandeep Kohli


I am bi and I am a neuroscientist and clinical psychology PhD student.//

I am a PhD student in the San Diego State University/University of California, San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, where I work at the Brain Development Imaging Labs and Center for Autism. I am broadly interested in applications of multimodal neuroimaging techniques to study brain structure, function, and their links to behavior across the lifespan in neurodevelopmental disorders. My current research focus lies in structural and diffusion MRI methods, which I apply to investigate differences in the trajectory of both macro- and microscopic features of cerebral development in Autism Spectrum Disorders. My current project employs these methods in a study of adults with ASD, which seeks to examine changes in brain anatomy, connectivity, and cognitive and behavioral abilities as these individuals age. I hope to integrate multidisciplinary approaches to help determine which factors (neural, cognitive, behavioral, etc.) best predict long-term neurocognitive and functional success or decline. In addition to my research and clinical work, I’m passionate about science communication. I help organize two initiatives in San Diego, the taste of science festival and Communicating Science Conference, both aimed at bringing science out into the community and making research findings accessible to broad and diverse audiences.

Twitter @jiwandeepkohli, Instagram @jiwankohli