Jason Webber


I am gay and I am a community college professor.//


I mold the minds of soon-to-be nursing students, teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology courses at Southwestern College in Chula Vista (south San Diego), CA. I have B.S. (UC Davis) and M.S. (Humboldt State) degrees in Fish Biology, and Ph.D. in Marine Ecology (SDSU/UCD Joint-Doctoral Program). I am currently one of the co-chairs of SWC’s LGBTQIA+ employee affinity group, PRISM, and active in the San Diego-Imperial Queer Alliance (SDIQuA). I first “came out” at the young age of 16, and have been involved with LGBT activism and various queer-related social/political groups through most of my life. I am an avid cyclist, amateur (but ever-improving!) home cook, and a fan of Scorsese-esque movies and crossword puzzles.