Jason Peters


I am gay and I am a biologist, wildlife film researcher, writer.//


Growing up as an introverted gay boy on a farm in Sussex, England pushed me out into nature where I very early on developed a love and deep respect for all that was wild around me. I soon discovered that the natural world was in deep trouble however and so went on to study biological sciences with specialisation in zoology at university in London, gained work experience at the BBC NHU in Bristol, working on “Blue Planet”, and then became involved in various conservation projects around the world… This included working in the rain forests of Northern Vietnam and with cheetah in Southern Africa. I then went on to study wildlife film-making in Cape Town and following this worked mainly as a researcher before taking over the helm at Wildlife-film.com where I work to help the industry through information services and the directories … Hoping to make a difference, ever keen to assist and connect all those involved in the wildlife film-making world, especially those that are disadvantaged for whatever reason. The wildlife film-making community isn’t very diverse, with people of colour, women and members of the LGBTQI community being woefully unrepresented. I like to run and make pots too!