James Lee Han


I am gay and I am a double major in marine biology and biochemistry graduating in December 2018. //

I’m an older, non-traditional student at SF State who works in a lab that helps manage wetland restoration projects in the Bay. My main research interests are in the ecology of foundation species like seagrass and kelp beds. I am also interested in water quality, soil quality, and nutrient pollution. I am VP of Coastside Progressive Dems and former secretary of a nonprofit that advocated for public access along Redwood City’s (RWC) rapidly developing bayshore. In 2012 I led demonstrations and a media campaign against Cargill’s proposed Saltworks development that would’ve paved over restorable wetlands in RWC. The plan was tabled weeks after a successful Earth Day action I organized near the wetlands. I’ve also run for City Council in RWC as the first out gay candidate and the only candidate that year who advocated for rent control, affordable housing, and wetland restoration. I didn’t win a seat, but I won more votes than the President of the Planning Commission! Insta: @jamesleerwc.