J. Vivian Dickens


I am queer and I am a MD/PhD candidate at Georgetown University.//

I am a Georgia peach researching the neurobiology of reading and language in Washington, D.C. Being an out queer femme has empowered me as scientist.

My studies in linguistics and biology at the University of Georgia led to my passion for neurology and language science. My current work with people with chronic stroke aims to identify the roles of specific brain areas and connections in reading and language. 1 in 5 stroke survivors in the United States live with persistent language impairment. Most of these patients also struggle with reading, an essential skill in contemporary society. I hope that my research facilitates improved understanding of individual differences in post-stroke outcomes.

I am a devout balletomane and love my tortoiseshell cat, Gemini, and mini pinscher, Clementine.

Twitter: @vivdickens