Henry Adams


I am gay and queer and I am a master’s student studying wildlife disease ecology. //

I’m a gay/queer wildlife disease ecology master’s student at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, as well as a natural illustrator and photographer. I’m currently studying emergent infectious diseases in amphibians in Costa Rica for my graduate work. As often as possible, I try to merge my identity with my art/science, especially when teaching. Throughout my graduate education and future career, I want to do everything I can to generate safe and encouraging spaces for young scientists, especially those who belong to marginalized communities, while furthering conservation awareness. I think that’s especially important in more conservative environments such as Southern universities. I am endlessly fortunate to have found Dr. Sonia Hernandez, my mentor of 6+ years, who has always supported me in all facets of my identity and strives to create an equal and inclusive environment for young scientists. If I’m not playing with birds or amphibians, I’m usually hiking with friends or singing my heart out in choir.

Instagram: @henryca23