Hazel Ang


I am queer, non-binary, gender nonconforming, gender fluid and I am a pharmacologist and biomedical scientist in the field of aging.//


I am a pharmacist by clinical training. I started my scientific career with my PhD in pharmacology and cancer biology, and pivoted to the field of aging biology during my current postdoc. My research uses high-throughput pharmacological screening approaches to search for aging-preventive interventions to improve healthspan and lifespan, and understand the regulation of aging at molecular and mechanistic resolution. I am dedicated to translating my work in the scientific community for non-profit motives. I also have a passion working with the LGBTQIA+ community to raise awareness, representation, and diversity in STEM. I volunteer at Karolinska Institutet Postdoc Association, where I advocate for postdocs to improve their working environment at KI. Aligning my personal values and skills, I aspire to apply my knowledge and experience to help individuals, especially the minorities, to attain their optimal health and well-being in society.

I love coffee, I brew coffee every morning (V60 pourover, light roast) and collect coffee bean bags. I make my own bread, my sourdough starter is 3 years old now, their name is ‘Doug’. My wife and I are vegan, we like cooking and eating plant-based foods. I enjoy my runs with hour-long podcasts.