Gustavo Heiden


I am gay and I am a botanist.//


I am a Botanist investigating the applied uses of genetic resources for the sustainability of agriculture and biodiversity conservation. Researching on plant diversity for me also means intrinsically embracing diversity of people in our team.

During the early stages of my career, as an undergrad student, I experienced a lack of positive environmental conditions for me and other fellows to express themselves and flourish. Luckily, this situation has been improving since then.

Nowadays, I am committed to build up and constantly improve our work environment to offer ground for the whole spectrum of LGBTQIA+ and straight people to interact, respect and learn with each other. I also believe that fostering opportunities for neurodivergent people, people with disabilities, people with distinct cultural, economic, and social backgrounds, from different ages, beliefs, ethnicities, and political views, to work together and collaboratively increases the exchange of ideas and provides distinct points of view and novel solutions for shared problems. Diverse and inclusive environments enhance our outputs far beyond science with real gains for each one and society overall inside and outside academia.