Grace Scott


I am a lesbian and I am a science social media specialist.//


My heart has been in both the science & LGBTQ+ worlds for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a small Appalachian town, where I didn’t know a single openly LGBTQ+ person. While I brazenly waved my science-loving flag, I hid my sexuality.

I left to go to the University of Maine, where I got a BS in Chemistry. I did an undergrad thesis in nutritional chemistry with an advisor who was an out-and-proud lesbian. She was the first role model I had who reminded me of myself, and it was the first time I realized I could be a lesbian AND a STEM professional.

Currently, I do science communications at The Jackson Laboratory. I get to read about cool genetics & genomics research every day and help a lot of interesting scientists share their work with the public.

I’m so passionate about social media because I think it’s a powerful platform to not only share science but to connect LGBTQ+ youth with their community (and an infinite supply of role models)! I’m PROUD of who I love and am happy to share my story with anyone who needs to hear it.