Giacomo Abrusci


I am gay and I am a conservation biologist.//

I am a conservation biologist with over fourteen years of international work experience. I am also a media specialist, photographer, community organizer, and LGBTQAI+ advocate. I am a well connected member of the conservation and tourism community, with a proven entrepreneurial spirit and track record. I’ve worked in marine biodiversity conservation with Conservation International and in scientific publishing and education at the American Chemical Society. Currently I hold a broad communications position at the International Union for Conservation of Nature where I also run the Global Marine Community. I am the Founder and Executive Director of SEVENSEAS Media that focuses on ocean conservation and sustainable tourism. My mission is to connect individuals and resources inside and out of the conservation community to further the shared goal of preventing habitat destruction and biodiversity loss. I lived in Washington, DC from 2000-2016 where I stayed extremely involved in local arts and community development. I have since moved to Bangkok, Thailand with my husband where we both continue to better nature and humanity through science, technology, partnerships, and strategic communications.

instagram @giaxomo