Garrett Beeghly


I am queer and I am a biomedical engineer.//


I am a Ph.D. student and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in biomedical engineering at Cornell University. Before beginning my Ph.D., I completed my B.S. at the University of Virginia and a post-baccalaureate fellowship at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. My graduate thesis aims to understand how changes to mammary adipose tissue in obesity and aging impact breast cancer risk and prognosis. Moreover, I am interested in how these differences may compound with socioeconomic factors and institutionalized discrimination to yield health disparities in cancer treatment.

In my education and training, I did not have an openly queer teacher, professor, or mentor until I was 23 years old. Growing up, I did not see queer individuals portrayed as doctors, engineers, or researchers. Thus, through my career, I also hope to increase visibility for the next generation of LGBTQ+ scientists.

In my free time, I enjoy baking pastries, hiking in new places, and spending time with my cat.