Felix Vaux


I’m bi and I’m an evolutionary biologist. //

I’m currently a research associate (postdoc) at Oregon State University, investigating population genomic variation in North Pacific albacore tuna. In general, my research considers the process of evolution, from variation among individuals to outcomes such as speciation and extinction. My work helps with the interpretation and management of populations, species, and further biological diversity. I have been fortunate with my career so far, travelling widely, working with many great collaborators, and befriending plenty of colleagues during lab and fieldwork. I completed my BSc Hons in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Exeter in the UK in 2013, which included a year abroad at the University of Southern Mississippi, and I was awarded my PhD in the same discipline by Massey University in New Zealand in 2017. I’m a proud, openly bisexual man. Like many bi men though, this hasn’t always been the case, and I hope that contributing to the 500QS campaign can help anyone in the LGBTQ+ community struggling with their identity or discrimination. Love is love.