Fancy Guisélle


I am bi and I am an industrial designer who also studied art and architecture.//


I’ve been surrounded by scientists all my life and even when all scientific areas caught my attention, the hostility I witnessed made me give up. I miss it, and I guess that’s why I’m still surrounded by scientists. I still learn about all the science subjects that I love, and when my friends talk I look at them with so much love.

I feel sad while I write this, even though it happens a long time ago … Don’t get sad with me, the story hasn’t ended.

After that, I met a gentle space and decided to stay. Today, I design STEM educational products for children (programming and engineering), and I’m still connected to science by visually communicating it at a scicomm studio I founded.

I’m also part of a multidisciplinary collective that accompanies girls through their scholar years and supports them in their STEM career election. Sometimes is hard to talk and I have realized that all the industrial design processes can make a huge difference to help them to express ideas and feelings, mostly by drawing, and this is how we have created a wonderful group of girls proud of who they are (including me!)