Emily Elliott


I am a lesbian and I am a professional research assistant.//


I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutritional Science-Research Track with a Minor in Biology from Iowa State University but at the moment I help research lactation and mammary gland health, which is only slightly related to my nutrition background. That’s the great thing about science, once you get those basic bench work skills you can really work in any lab! I do hope to one day go back to my original passion of studying the relationship of Nutrition and Cancer.

I try to incorporate my queerness into my lab space with little things such as stickers, random rainbows made out of antibody holders etc. Any way I can make it feel more like me. Being out in the lab took a lot of courage and I hope everyone can someday feel okay to do so. It has brought me confidence that I can be my authentic self in my work. Moving to Denver, Colorado also greatly helped with my feeling of acceptance and I hope everyone in the LGBTQ+ community can feel accepted.