Em Schissler


I am bi and I am a biologist.//


Hello! I’m Em, and I am a future zoologist. I identify as a bisexual Asian adoptee. I am in the class of 2022 at Occidental College and majoring in Biology and minoring in Neuroscience. In the future, I hope to open or work at an animal rehabilitation center and help in zoological research. My work so far includes volunteering at the Australian Zoo, creating a free, online curriculum about animals and conservation for elementary students, taking care of laboratory rats, and participating in wildlife camera trap research.

I have always struggled growing up grappling with my identity and as time progressed I worried that being myself would only cause hardships in the future, not only in my personal life but in terms of being accepted and respected by my fellow colleagues. As I educated myself more about social justice issues and found communities where people identify the same way I identify, I began to feel less alone and become proud to be who I am. I am always happy to get to know more people so feel free to message me!

Outside of studying, I love spending time with my bunny, playing video games, exploring nature, and learning new things!