Elsa Call


I am a lesbian and I am a PhD student. //

I am a French biologist and an evolutionist. I’m studying moths and I’m developing methods to sequence museum specimens. I’ve been aware of my homosexuality since I was a teenager, but I didn’t dare to come out until recently. I work in Sweden, and I must confess that the academia world here is feminist, LGBTQI friendly, and anti-racist; that helped me a lot to not hide who I am. I was accepted fully and was well support by my PI and my team when I finally came out to them. That comforted me in the idea that I am in an environment where I can be accepted as I am, and it makes me feel confident enough to assume it in front of the world. I am really interested in inclusion and representation of women and LGBTQI in science. I would like to pursue my job in academic research with a focus on evolutionary genomics and in entomology. I ultimately seek to become a university lecturer.