Devyani Kumari


I am queer (lesbian) and am a post-doctoral fellow working on climate & energy policy//


I am currently working on various research projects under the umbrella of Energy and Climate policy. My inter-disciplinary research has included energy access & transitions, air-quality & emissions accounting, emissions from oil & gas facilities in North America, environmental [carbon] finance, evaluating climate impacts of national policies, and natural resource economics. Consequently, I have coordinated multiple research projects across sectors (industry, academia, government, Indigenous communities, and non-profits) and countries (India, Canada, US). Previously, I worked in corporate finance but inspired by the magnitude and importance of global climate change, I changed career paths to enable a just transition to a low carbon future. I am passionate about policy-relevant research, and actively engage with policy makers and the public to promote evidence-based decision-making. In my spare time, I hike the West Coast Mountains, go trail running, and play Ultimate Frisbee on various Vancouver club teams.I strive to be a role model for young women of color and queer students to pursue STEM careers.