Devyani Kumari


I am a lesbian and I am a PhD candidate in climate science.//

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Forest Resources Management at the Faculty of Forestry, UBC. My research focuses on climate change, forest sustainability, energy access, and payments for ecosystem services. In my prior life, I obtained an M.B.A. in Finance and worked for Fortune 200 companies in Corporate America. Soon I was done selling my soul by generating profits for billion dollar companies at the cost of nature. I quit my job, took a dive of faith, and enrolled in a M.Sc. in Environmental Science. Here my passion for the environment (since I was a child growing up in the Indian Himalayas) bloomed, and I decided to pursue a PhD to work on Climate Mitigation and Policy. In light of IPCC 1.5 report, I am even more dedicated to making a difference in saving the world’s forests and animals for my career. In my spare time, I hike the West Coast Mountains and play Ultimate Frisbee on various Vancouver club teams.

Twitter @Kumari_Devyani