Devin McPeek


I am a non-binary lesbian and I am a biology teacher.//


I started college thinking I wanted to be a doctor, so I majored in Health Sciences. I soon figured out I did not want to be a doctor (and also that I liked Biology so much more than Health Sciences), so I switched my major to Biology. I went on to get a Masters in Education, and I am now a Biology teacher in a low-income middle school in Pittsburgh. Through the past couple years, I have learned how to share my love of science with students who have been historically marginalized by STEM education. Because I never met any openly queer teachers in school growing up, I feel that it is my honor and my duty to present myself as openly queer in my classroom and around my school. My visible queerness has opened up so many richly productive conversations about social justice in my classroom, and I feel privileged that I am able to share this integral part of my identity with my students and colleagues.