Devico Haojun Shi


I am gay and I am a PhD candidate in biomedical research.//


I always embrace diversity and enjoy multicultural experience. I grew up in China, spent my high school in Vancouver, Canada, and then started my STEM training at University of Oxford, UK, where I received a lot of support from my friends and began to fully embrace who I am. I gradually discovered my interest in genetics and epigenetics. After finishing my master in Biochemistry at Oxford, I took a pause and worked in pharmaceutical as well as non-STEM industries back in China. Yet, these collective work experiences re-ignited my passion in STEM research, and now I am pursuing my doctorate in biomedical research at University Hospital Basel/Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel City of Switzerland. I am lucky and grateful that from both my research and work experience I have always met supportive and open-minded cohorts. I hope being visible here can help other members in this community find confidence to be who they are and get friendly supports.