Him/him or they/them

I am queer and nonbinary/trans and I am a graduate student.//

I started my professional career in technical theater, working in costume shops and opera houses in Washington, DC as a clothing tailor. After five years in the costuming industry, I decided to transition toward a career change in scientific research by pursuing a B.S. in biochemistry and molecular biology, and I have continued on to pursue a Ph.D. in molecular neurobiology and stem cell technology.

Although I am part of a wonderful, diverse, and inclusive queer community in Western Mass and have queer-friendly coworkers on campus, STEM representation on-campus is desperately lacking, and there are very few openly out faculty members. My goal during graduate school is to create a professional mentoring network for underrepresented STEM graduate students mentored by faculty members and industry representatives from minority/underrepresented communities to increase representation and visibility of queer STEM community members.