danni peña

They/Them | She/Her

I am non-binary / demiflux and I am a 5th+ generation Chicanx & 2nd generation Chinese American field biologist!//


The fact that I still have my childhood bug collection probably says a lot 🪲 At UC Berkeley I double-majored in Art Practice & Integrative Biology, and since then I’ve greatly expanded my fieldwork skills working in biological consulting; where being a specialist is great but being a jack of all trades is the name of the game. Rare plant surveys, wetland delineations, tree inventories, avian surveys – you name it! Lots of time spent on construction sites ensuring compliance with environmental law – although being a small, brown, gender non-conforming person it can be challenging to assert the authority I am granted by my position to the average construction worker.

As a QPoC I’m grateful to have grown up and work in the SF Bay Area, where even in my (very corporate) workplace many of my coworkers have tattoos and piercings, and it’s now standard practice to include pronouns in our email signatures!
Find fun or interesting sights from my time in the field at: #todaysfieldoffice

Queer community for me includes: 🏳️‍⚧️⚧ @degenderettes gender/art club
– giving gender-inclusive haircuts @thequeershears 💈✂️
– dreaming about when I’ll recover from an injury preventing me from hanging with @fwb_oakland 🌈🚲