Dan Hdidouan


I’m gay and I’m an environmental researcher specializing in climate change and energy. //

I was born in inner South London, UK, to a Roman Catholic Italian mother, and a Muslim Moroccan father—this set me up for having an inclusive and international perspective on global challenges … like climate change! I started in geography (BSc, UCL) and then on to environmental technology specializing in energy policy (MSc, Imperial). Fresh from university, I went on to looking at sustainability and energy in organizations (HIE and Arup). Now I’m back doing a PhD, focusing on the impacts of climate change on the renewable energy system. I’ve always been a fierce BAME advocate, and when I fully realized who I was, I also became a proud LGBT+ advocate too. I’ve often had to be the role model I want to see in this world, so sharing our stories is a fantastic way to show that we (and you!) are not alone—you’re just finding your way. Don’t let ignorance, fear, or hate guide your decisions, life is too precious and short. Live, laugh, and love … and importantly, #slayinscience.