Clara Nellist


I am bi and I am a particle physicist.//


I am a particle physicist working on the ATLAS experiment at CERN. I completed my PhD at the University of Manchester in the UK working on designing and testing new prototypes of pixel detectors for installation in the heart of the ATLAS detector. Since defending my thesis, I have lived in France, Germany and the Netherlands as part of my research with ATLAS to investigate the Higgs boson and the top quark. Understanding these two particles and how they interact with each other can tell us a lot about our Universe and, possibly, help us to find out what dark matter is. I am also using machine learning algorithms to search for where else this dark matter might be hiding in our data.

In addition to my physics research, I am also a science communicator and working to improve diversity within my field, and in STEM more widely. I want to increase the opportunities for all to thrive in physics.

Outside of my research, I enjoy photography, running, crafting and exploring new places.