Chris Burton


I am queer and I am a sociology Master’s candidate.//

From that first hospital job my interest in science took me from adult nursing, to pediatric nursing, to possibly medical school, to medical sociology. It took a while to find out where my metaphorical “home” in the sciences was. Because of that I’m older than most all my classmates, about to turn 28 and just graduated from undergrad not long ago. I believe that the extra time I took to find my “belonging” helped me in my academic ambitions, because I can conceptualize the information better than I did when I first started. My research is focused on healthcare disparities for the LGBTQ+ population of rural Appalachia. Emphasizing on Trans, Lesbian, and issues affecting POC who are also a sexual minority. My academic interests and teaching focus on intersectionality. I also help run the sociology research lab at my university assisting undergrad students in gaining an understanding of quantitative and qualitative research. After I finish my master’s and defend my thesis I’ll be moving on to a PhD in medical sociology hopefully within the Appalachian area.

Twitter, Insta, and Tumblr: @Homotologist