Chloe Robinson


I am a lesbian and I am a molecular ecology postdoctoral fellow.//

My STEM research background is largely in molecular ecology (population genetics), with focus on developing novel environmental DNA (eDNA) techniques for monitoring of both aquatic invasive species in freshwater systems and small dolphin species round the coast of Wales (UK). I have a BSc Zoology degree, MSc in Environmental Biology and a PhD in Molecular Ecology from Swansea University (UK). During my PhD, I worked with numerous community and non-specialist groups to collect environmental samples across Wales (UK). My interests lie in the use of eDNA as a non-invasive method for monitoring of rare and/or endangered species and ecosystems for conservation. I also have an extensive background in science communication and have delivered presentations at several UK-wide science outreach events and competitions. In the STREAM DNA project, at Centre for Biodiversity Genomics (University of Guelph, Canada), I am the Project Coordinator and Postdoctoral Researcher and am responsible for liaising with the non-academic partners to collect samples from across Canada, analysing data and producing scientific papers and reports.

Twitter: @cvrobinson92; Instagram: @chloevrobinson_92,