Caroline Di Bernardi Luft


I am a lesbian and I am a cognitive neuroscientist and lecturer. //

I’m a cognitive neuroscientist and a lecturer (assistant professor) in psychology at Queen Mary University of London. I lead my own research group working with various neuroimaging and brain stimulation techniques to understand learning and creativity. I was born and studied in Brazil until the last year of my PhD (in psychology). In August 2010 I moved to the UK to spend a year in London conducting part of my PhD, during which I learned (mostly self-taught) cognitive neuroscience, especially EEG analysis in Matlab. After defending my PhD in 2012, I did a postdoc in Birmingham (working with fMRI and sequence learning), another in London (EEG, fMRI, brain stimulation and creativity) and then got my first lectureship position at QMUL (Jan 2016). I have been working on building a research group dedicated to understanding how humans learn and create/come up with new ideas.