Carlos Guardia


I am gay and I am a cell biologist.//


I’m an Argentinian working at the NIH since 2014. I got my BSc > MSc > Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires. My Ph.D. research combined computational techniques with ‘wet’-lab biophysics approaches to understand the structure-function relationship of human galectins, a family of lectins involved in immune-response and development. Now, as a postdoc, I switched gears and I’m focused on the role of kinesins in organelle movement inside the cells. I can’t wait for the next challenge!
Visibility and representation are very important, but I’m one of those queers saying, ‘I’m 10,000 things; one of which is gay’. I’m here to build bridges, so let’s have a chat about anything! I love teaching, mentoring, and brainstorming about our projects in the lab. I actively participate in local STEM activities such as our county science fair and more national activities like the amazing pen-pal program ‘Letter to a Pre-Scientist’.
When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy playing the piano, practicing field hockey, and spending time with my fiancé Jimmy and our cat Linda Jean.