Cameron Schmidt


I’m gay and I’m a software consultant. //

I’m an Australian living in Geneva, Switzerland. I’m a member of the consulting team for a Swiss software company that is a leader in static code analysis: software that understands your software. I graduated from Melbourne University with a double Bachelor degree in Software Engineering and Mathematics and, after some time in academia, embarked on a 20-year career in telecommunications: software development, project management, people management and all the commercial aspects of running a software development company. An amazing job opportunity for my husband took us to Geneva, where I now spend my time helping our customers make a big impact on software quality using our tools. Outside work, you’ll find me (slowly) renovating our country house with my husband, helping on the board of my local Effective Altruism organization, making the most of French food and wine, and singing along to choral music and opera. Early in my career I knew of very few other LGBTQ+ people in science or engineering. Although I’ve never felt as though I’ve suffered discrimination, I think having LGBTQ+ role models would have boosted my self-confidence, which is why I’m proud to be part of this project.