Brynna Youmans

Any Pronouns

I am asexual and nonbinary and I am a morphometrist and clinical imaging tech at a histopathology laboratory.//

Ever wonder who handles the early exploratory stages of clinical device or drug testing before it goes to the FDA for approval? No? Well, it’s us. The integrity of our research determines the quality of medical advancements for the next decade. We take it very seriously. Doesn’t stop the entire lab full of obstreperous queers from showing up in penguin onesie pajamas. THEY COUNT AS PPE AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A LAB COAT OVER IT DON’T @ ME

Me and one girl in QA are the ace ones. We nod solemnly at each other in the halls. We also both have more clothes than God. Coincidence? Or…

twitter: @HaurvatatJan