Brian Gill


I am gay and I am an evolutionary ecologist.//

I have loved nature since I was a kid. Rather than spending time inside, my parents encouraged me to go outside and roam the neighborhood. I was cub scout, played traditional sports, and rode horses. Watching nature documentaries, I developed a fascination for the tropics. One of my earliest memories was escaping to the library in elementary school to wonder at nature by reading Zoo Books and National Geographic magazines.During college at Franklin and Marshall, I studied abroad in Costa Rica at The School for Field Studies. As a graduate student at Colorado State University, I investigated processes generating montane diversity in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and Ecuadorian Andes. As a postdoc at Brown University, I study interactions among species such as elephants, giraffe, and rhinoceros in East African savanna ecosystems. In the next few years, my goal is to obtain a professorship and launch my own research program on tropical biodiversity.