Blas Valero-Garcés


I’m gay and I’m a geologist. //

I am gay and I am a geologist working on modern and ancient lakes. I finished my PhD at Zaragoza University (Spain) in 1991 in Carboniferous and Permian lakes and I did my postdoc in Quaternary lakes at the Limnological Research Center, University of Minnesota (USA, 1992-1995). I have been working at the Spanish National Scientific Council (CSIC) since 1995, dedicated to the reconstruction of past changes in terrestrial environments, including paleoclimate and the human impact, mostly in Europe and the Americas. I have been the Director of the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (Spanish National Research Council, IPE-CSIC) for eight years (2009-2017). I live with my husband and my daughter in Spain and in the US.