Bini Claringbold


I am bi/pan and I am a PhD student in chemistry.//


I am a Bi/Pan PhD student at the University of Kent working on using organic synthesis for novel strategies to disrupt protein-protein interactions.

My life in science has taken me all over the place, my undergraduate degree in Chemistry was more focused on using analytical techniques and equipment in order to age samples with an unknown date. I enjoyed the analytical side enough to carry on into the more specialised area of toxicology, with a postgraduate degree from King’s College London and a fascinating research project involving investigations into e-cigarette use.

Now I am back working in organic synthesis which I enjoyed coming back to! This current PhD project is a good combination of all the chemistry and biochemistry skills I’ve gained over the years.

Outside of academia I have focused on promoting accessibility in STEM through encouraging and organising science outreach workshops that incorporate sign language. Hopefully I can work on this in future to promote the idea that anyone can be a part of STEM.