Bill Hendrix


I am gay I am an entomologist.//


I came out as an undergraduate in 1980 but got involved with LGBTQ+ rights when I started a support club for LGBT at the University of Arkansas in 1982 with a friend. I was met with fierce push back trying to fire me. Luckily, the grad dean protected me but the issue went all the way to the state legislation where they tried to pass a law to “Stem the Tide of Homosexuality”. The ACLU became involved and things worked out and I graduated. I received my PhD at Iowa State and started work with Dow Chemical. I had a great career there for 28 years and in many different positions. I was able to represent Dow thru the LGBTQ+ ERG, testify before congress twice for our rights as well as many other opportunities to advance equality. I retired from Dow and accepted a role at Valent USA where I lead the R&D efforts. I came into this role as an out scientist and people leader! I serve on the D&I leadership team here and have always felt that the company is very inclusive (as was Dow for the last 15 or so years). I will retire March, 2021.