Andrew Tri


I am gay and I am a wildlife biologist.//


I’m a Wildlife Research Biologist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. I study the population dynamics and ecology of American Black Bears, with expertise in quantitative ecology and spatial informatics. I’ve worked on game birds, ungulates, and of course, bears in multiple places in the United States and serve as a member of the IUCN Bear Specialist group. I completed a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, a M.S. in Range and Wildlife Science at Texas A & M University-Kingsville, and a Ph.D. in Forest Resources and Management (Wildlife Track) at West Virginia University.

In my role as a bear biologist, I work with people, communities, and other agencies to learn more about these amazing critters, develop ways to foster coexistence between people and bears, and work to provide science-based management recommendations to increase resiliency in bear populations. I also work with a number of colleagues in the US, Canada, Mexico, and across the globe to help build capacity in bear research and management.