Andrew Mooney


I am gay and I am a conservation scientist / ecologist.//


Hey, I am Andrew and I am a gay conservation scientist/ecologist.

I have just finished a PhD in zoology with Prof. Yvonne Buckley at Trinity College Dublin, Dr. Dalia Conde at Species360 and Dr. Kevin Healy at the National University of Ireland, Galway. I am mainly interested in wildlife conservation and management, with a particular focus on the ex situ role played by zoos and aquariums and how globally shared zoological records can be utilised to inform conservation and management decision-making. I combine quantitative modelling techniques with global databases to further our knowledge of how zoos and aquariums can contribute to global biodiversity conservation, both in situ and ex situ. I also maintain secondary research interests in biogeography, ecology, evolution, behaviour and welfare among others.

I am passionate about EDI in STEM and have been actively involved in the Athena SWAN process for four years. Pease reach out if you would like to discuss research ideas, to hear my experience of being gay in Ireland, or if you just want to chat about science and academia.