Andrew Faucett


I am gay and I am a genetic counselor. //

I am a licensed genetic counselor who moved into research 18 years ago. My research focuses on moving genetic testing from research to patient care. I have a passion for engaging patients as active participants in determining research goals. I spent 12 years working with the CDC developing healthcare provider education and monitoring the quality of clinical genetic testing. I was one of the first researchers to focus on patient/participant-provided data and genetics research. I am currently at Geisinger, an integrated healthcare system, and working on the NIH ClinGen project through GenomeConnect and CADRe. I am involved in Geisinger’s MyCode Community Health Initiative, a biobank studying genetic changes that increase the risk for disease or prevent disease. MyCode is returning medically actionable results to participants and integrating exome testing into healthcare. It is important that all voices be heard as we move genomics into routine healthcare—including LGBTQ voices.

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